Wednesday, August 18, 2010

nithin takkari movie free download

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The film revolves around the lead character Tirupati (Nitin), who dreams of making it big by getting into business. However, his lower middleclass background does not help him much in realizing his dream. Then, there is Priya (Sada), who is the spoilt brat sister of well-known businessman Guru (Sayaji Shinde). Tirupati sees Priya in a temple and falls for her. Unlike the usual stories where boy meets girl, he makes her fall for him despite her not seeing him. Naturally, sparks fly between the youngsters and it’s time for a coupleof songs. Meanwhile, the girl’s brother comes to know of their love and does the usual fuss about not wanting a good-for-nothing guy for a brother-in-law. But being the adamant lovers, the twosome fight back. How they do it is for you to watch.

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